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Discover the Beauty of Nature Through Sport Fishing


Enjoy Sport Fishing on Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan

Reindeer Lake is noted for providing a variety of fishing activities. The lake is about 170 miles long and covers an area of nearly 2,500 square miles.

One of our prime Lake Trout areas is Deep Bay, which is a body of water that remains cold long after the heat has driven trout down to unreachable depths in most other lakes. It is one of the world's largest ancient meteorite craters, and runs more than 700 feet deep and 6 miles across. 

We have day-use sites on Marchand and Fafard Lakes that are accessible by boat from Nordic Lodge. Marchand will give you lots of action for Northern Pike, while Fafard is known for Walleye.

Reindeer Lake has been designated a Catch and Release 1 lake, which is the largest C&R 1 lake in Saskatchewan. These reduced limits should ensure that the superb fishing you enjoy today will still be available for future generations and future fishing trips.

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Lake Trout

In early June, right after the ice is out, Lake Trout can be found in shallower waters. By July, once the water starts to warm up, Lake Trout will move to deeper water as deep as 70 feet. They can be caught using downriggers and deep divers. 

Lake Trout come back up to shallower waters during the middle of September when temperatures start to cool off and can be fished by trolling or casting. They prefer a water temperature around 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Northern Pike

The pikes are in shallow depths sunning themselves during early June, right after the ice is out. Once the weeds start to grow in the latter part of June, they are found lying amongst them. 

In July and early August, northern pike have moved to deeper water where the weed growth is more abundant. The vast majority of the trophy-sized pikes that are caught at our lodge are caught throughout August. Once the lake cools off on early September, they move back to shallower waters.

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Arctic Grayling

You can fish the elusive Arctic Grayling in Deep Bay. These scrappy little fighters that are seldom found in still water and offer a real challenge to the expert fisherman.  The best time of year to catch Arctic Grayling is during the warm days of summer after a good insect hatch.


In early June, you may find Walleye in some of the bays on Reindeer Lake. During the later part of summer, they are commonly found below White Sand Damn on Fafard Lake.

Our Fishing Adventure Packages

Grand Adventure Fishing Package


  1. Package includes fish filleting and wrapping, private move in ready cabin and all meals

   Fisherman - $195/person per night

   Canadian/US Veteran - $170/person per night

   Corporate Client - $220/person per night

   Children/Youth - $112.50/person per night

   4 Years of Age and Under No Charge

Grand Adventure package only available when booked in advance.

Boat Rentals

Rental prices include 50 L of gas per day, swivel seats, paddles and life jackets.

   16.5' with 30hp Motor - $195.00/day

   18.5' with 40hp Motor - $225.00/day

**Boats being taken for outpost use must be returned to the dock at 6:00 pm on the final night of rental.  All boats returned past the return time will be charged an additional boat rental.

Adventure Fishing Package

Package includes fish filleting and wrapping, private move in ready cabin fully equipped with everything you need.  Bring your own groceries and settle in. 

   Fisherman - $125/person per night

   Canadian/US Veteran - $100/person per night

   Corporate Client - $150/person per night

   Children/Youth - $62.50/person per night

   14 Years of Age and Under No Charge

Guide Services

Guide services include an 8 hour day of fishing departing the dock at 8:00 am. During your fishing day the guide will prepare you a shore lunch along the shoreline of Reindeer Lake.  Rates do not include gratuities and suggested at $30-$40 per person per day.

$150.00 per day

*Guide Services must be booked in advance.

**Guiding Services will no longer be available for portions of a fishing trip. Guides must be taken for the whole trip or not at all.  

***Follow boats not longer available - 1 boat per guide

3rd Annual Bus Trip

July 31 - August 4, 2020 

$1,100.00/person plus taxes

Package includes round trip transportation from Saskatoon or Prince Albert, 4 nights cabin accommodations, 3 days guided fishing, non-alcoholic beverages and all meals. All you need is your fishing tackle, personal items, boat snacks, alcoholic beverages. Shared accommodations are required if you can't fill your cabin.  Cabins are booked on first come first serve bases.

Cabin 1 - 4-6 People - FULL

Cabin 2 - 4-6 People - FULL

Cabin 3 - 4-6 People

Cabin 4 - 3-4 People - FULL

Cabin 5 - 8 People - FULL

Cabin 6 - 4 People

Cabin 7 - 8-10 People

Must book with a $400.00 non-refundable deposit.


Premium fuel is available at the dock. Price is based off daily rack pricing.

Deposit Policy

At the time of booking we will require a non-refundable deposit of $200.00 per person for the Adventure Fishing Package and $400.00 per person for the Grand Adventure Fishing Package. This deposit is non-transferable to another person or year. The deposit can be transferred to another time in the same year based on availability. Your booking will not be confirmed without the deposit. Deposits can be paid by Visa, Mastercard or Etransfer.


All rates are in Canadian funds. Taxes are not included.

Rates are subject to change in 2021.